Meet The Team

Amara Kwiatkowski

Chief Financial Officer

Lillie McMaster

Chief Executive Officer

Wesley Drake

Chief Operating Officer

Princekumar Patel

Sales Associate

David Nguyen

Sales Vice President

Muhammad Tariq

Sales Associate

Devondre Mayfield

Digital Media Associate

Chase Karmann

Digital Media Vice President

Andrew Hoffman

Digital Media Associate

Shayla Pharr

Human Resources Vice President

Canaan Quecke-Tipton

Marketing Vice President

Michael Peasley

Communications Vice President

Damian Mancilla

Arts & Publications Associate

Abigail Bass

Arts & Publications Vice President

Isaac Fiedler

Accounting Associate

Rachael Bugner

Human Resources Associate

Matthew Garza

Marketing Associate

Avery Stover

Communications Associate

Contact Us

1350 Eagle Blvd, Haslet, TX 76052


Mon - Fri 9:30am-11:10am

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1350 Eagle Blvd, Haslet, TX 76052

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